Chris Hero Pets

Chris' Hero Pets

03/10/1987 - 06/22/2010


The purpose of this new program is to make companion animals more accessible to veterans, because we at Hero Pups know firsthand the impact that animals can have on veterans and their families


By partnering with a network of shelters, Chris’ Hero Pets will take some of the financial burden off of veterans seeking a companion by paying their adoption fees. We are excited to offer a resource to more veterans who may not be looking for a support dog, but still feel they could benefit from having a companion by their side. This program is available to all local veterans through our partner shelters.*

Support for Chris’ Hero Pets comes from businesses and individuals that believe a pet can help bring comfort and companionship to our local veterans. When making a financial contribution, you will have an opportunity to specify if you’d like to contribute to Chris’ Hero Pets.

Our list of network shelters is growing quickly and we are happy to provide a list upon request. Just fill out this brief form so we can point you in the right direction.


“In Chris’ honor, and to bring awareness to PTSD, I’ve teamed up with Hero pups to create Chris’ Hero Pets, a program that pays for companion animals for our Veterans.

Six months after returning home from serving in the Army fighting in Iraq, my son, Chris Journeau, only 23, took his own life.

He was showing common signs of PTSD, such as drinking and anger issues, but not being familiar with PTSD, I dismissed them.

I wanted to do something positive to help veterans and their families be more aware of PTSD, and try to prevent another one from taking their life.

In my heart, I feel that if Chris had a companion animal to bond with when he came home, the outcome could have been completely different.”

– Jo-Ann Clark, gold star mom of Chris Journeau

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*As long as funds are available.